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 The Romance Cafe' (TRC) is a global company known for it's renowned home bachelorette, ladies/couples night out parties. Our soirees are known worldwide because of our outlook on the significance of being authentic individually as well as sexually.  TRC was originated in October 2008. As time progressed The Romance Cafe' was redesigned and restructured in January 2013. Our CEO felt that TRC was more than a novelty company, we were a household brand. TRC assists in one of the most significant, and intimate components of the lives of our customers. So The Romance Cafe' began promoting more inner integrity based growth on an individual basis, with goals of cultivating acceptance of human sexuality.  With that said we also realized that we were leaving out a major component in this growth, men. We feel that there is a common duality that needs to be realized, nurtured and accepted between men and women. In this universe all connects to love in one way or another. 

The Romance Cafe' feels our stance on sex, sexuality, acceptance and relating is what makes us who we are as a company. As a leading romance company we are not only interested in selling products, we are interested in changing lives and creating unity.  We have loads of fun while teaching that intimacy and romance can be amazing while being enjoyed responsibly. The Romance Cafe' does not believe in exploiting individuals in any way, we stand firm on that. Our company's vision is to assist in building relationships on foundations that are solid; marriages that stand the test of time, and families that have unbreakable bonds. We feel that sexuality is connected to our daily lives, and understanding it individually with love and tolerance is key. We also believe that individuals must be comfortable and secure within themselves before it exudes outwardly responsibly. One thing The Romance Cafe' knows for sure is that what you put out in the world returns unto you. Secondly what you feel inside manifests outside in your daily experiences. This is why our brand, our company is built on love, truth and integrity. Here is a secret.. in order to show, be, give or feel love one must experience tolerant love from within the self first.  
Thank you for being a part of The Romance Cafe' family as well as our vision