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  • Erotic Dice Glow in the Dark
    Roll the dice hunny and get lucky with these glow in the dark erotic dice!   ..
  • 52 Weeks of Naughty Nights
    52 Weeks of Naughty Nights. A whole year of sensual challenges and erotic surprises for you and your partner, this game aims to provide you with an erotic challenge each week to spice up your sex life and bring you closer together, enhancing both your sex life and your relationship. Some challenges are soft and romantic while others are kinky and exciting. This game for two lovers is designed to enhance your relationship as well as your sex life, asking you to take time to surprise your partn..
  • All Night Love Affair Game
    Bring passion back into the bedroom! Just take turns rolling the game die. The rolling player must draw a card from the card pile that corresponds with the picture that landed face up on the die then follow the instructions on the card. Once complete, the card is returned to the bottom of the deck. If a player rolls a "?", he or she can choose a card from any category. Love Affair cards are off limits until the rolling player has rolled no less than 5 turns. The first player to roll a Love Af..
  • Check for Lovers
      The Sexy Sampler Kit from Kama Sutra, a sensual collection to arouse and inspire romance. This Sexy Sampler kit is created for adventurous lovers to experience the many pleasures of Kama Sutra's most popular products. Includes: Intensify Plus Warming - female arousal gel, Oil of Love Raspberry Kiss - kissable body oil for romantic play, Massage Lil Coconut Pineapple, Pleasure Balm Spearmint - Sensations body gel, and Pleasure Potion - silicone body gel for int..
  • Fantasy Coupons
    Explore your fantasy! The Fantasy Coupon book contains 20 coupons good for a variety of sexyfantasy situations. Display comes with 12 books of 20 coupons ..
  • I Dare You - 30 Sealed Seductions
    I Dare You -- From sexpert Susie Bright, this luxe box contains 30 seductive prompts and dares"”each sealed in an envelope ready for the taking. Select an envelope, tear it open, and read the card aloud to discover what comes next. No two lovers will play the cards the same way twice! ..
  • Oral Sex Dice
    Lick-Suck-Blow-Kiss Lick, not luck, is in the roll of the dice! ..