Bondage and Fetish

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  • Booty Parlor Good Girl / Bad Girl Blindfold
  • 12" Leather Bitch Impression Paddle
    Put your lover in their place! The Leather Bitch Impression Paddle is made of high quality leather. The length of the paddle is 12" with a wrist loop for added stability. The paddle has the word "BITCH" cut out and with each stiff slap, you will leave her in her place. Make your mark! ..
  • 12" Leather Heart Impression Paddle
    If big threatening sex paddles aren't really your thing, but you still like a good spanking now and then, get a grip on the Sportsheets Mini Heart Paddle. Just a little spanking will leave three mini heart-shaped impressions on your butt cheeks. A cute, fun way for you and your lover to give and receive slaps. ..
  • Black Rose Forbidden Flower Mouth Bit
    Experience the softer side of sexy submission. The luxurious Black Rose collection, from Doc Johnson, invites couples to explore bondage play with sophisticated style. Each piece is fully adjustable and adorned with beautiful detail. All restraints include helpful booklets with instructions for use. ..
  • Dominant Submissive Metal Handcuffs - Metal
    Dominant Submissive Metal Handcuffs from Nasstoys. Police style metal hand cuffs. Free blindfold included. Handcuffs complete with 2 keys and safety release. ..
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Anodized Cuffs - Black
    The use of restraint has always been a sexual stimulant, and with the Fetish Fantasy Series Anodized Metal Cuffs from Pipedream, fantasy becomes reality! These anodized metal cuffs are perfect for beginners and strong enough for any level of user. The locking mechanism has a quick-release button in case you lose the key, and their sturdy design ensures they're made to play hard. Black. ..
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner's Cuffs
    Perfect for wrists or ankles! Add a hint of bondage to the bedroom with these playful Beginner's Cuffs. With two adjustable leather cuffs tethered together by a metal chain, this is the perfect restraint for your wrists or ankles. The soft cuffs are comfortable yet sturdy, and they adjust to fit almost any size. A free eye mask is included. Cuff 'em! ..
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Breathable Ball Gag
    Keep your lover quiet with this playful Deluxe Breathable Gag! Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, the gag puts a seductive twist on bondage play. The deluxe breathable ball gag uses a leather strap to adjust and fit snugly, controlling when and how often your lover speaks. A free mask is included. One size fits most. Silent Seduction! ..
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Position Master w/Cuffs
    Let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits with the Fetish Fantasy Series Position Master with Cuffs from Pipedream. The sturdy straps hold your legs firmly in place so they don't tire just when things are getting good, while the wrists cuffs ensure your subject won't escape anytime soon. The neck harness is soft and cushioned allowing for maximum comfort. The straps adjust quickly and easily with a simple tug, so you control the placement of your legs at any point during play...
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Rope Cuff & Tether Set
    Learn the ropes! Explore the ancient art of rope-play with the Fetish Fantasy Series Rope Cuff and Tether Set. The sexy, silky rope tethers feel great on the skin but, with a simple tug on the plastic cinch, you're held comfortable captive and at the mercy of your lover. The tethers also have loops at the opposite end of the clip so you can slide them around a bed post or frame. ..
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Yoga Sex Swing
    Swing into difficult sexual positions you never imagined with the world's first ever Yoga Sex Swing from Pipedream. With the aid of the Yoga Sex Swing, you can defy the laws of gravity and enjoy sexual positions you never thought were possible, without special strength, balance or agility. The versatile swing allows you to move into a range of yoga positions both in the horizontal and vertical planes, strengthening and stretching virtually every muscle in the body required for amazing sex. Th..
  • Fetish Fantasy Web - Bed Restraint System
    Turn any bed into an instant bondage playground with the incredible Fantasy Web! The kit includes an adjustable nylon web, which easily adjusts to fit over any size mattress - full, queen & king - along with four adjustable neoprene wrist & ankle cuffs. When used together, the cuffs attach to the web with small Velcro loops and slide along the webbing, keeping your lover bound to the web with no way to escape! The webbing features 24 different web lines to attach the cuffs to giving y..
  • Love Swing
    Swing into pleasure! The stylish white-and-silver Bondage Love Swing comes complete and fully assembled with instruction manual, padded ankle and wrist restraints, D-rings for bondage, high-strength steel spring for added bounce and eyelet bolt to allow for complete rotation. Holds up to 200 pounds with spring and 400 pounds without spring. ..
  • Whip Smart Pleasure Swing - Black
    The Pleasure Swing holds up to 200 pounds with the spring, or 400 without, which means both of you can easily swing together. The strong nylon straps are adjustable and extra wide for maximum strength and flexibility, and the heavy duty spring makes sex extra bouncy fun! ..