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  • Adult Body Finger Paints - 4 Asst. Flavors
    Get your beret and your paint palette, but don't bother wearing any clothes. This is a nude portrait session and you get to play painter and subject. Take turns with a partner creating masterpieces on each other's bodies with Adult Body Finger Paints. This collection of edible body toppings features four fruity flavors: cherry, strawberry, blueberry and apple. How will you paint your canvas? ..
  • Adult Paint Box
    Create your own delicious works of art! To get your creative juices flowing, start adult playtime with the Adult Paint Box. Create your own edible masterpiece using the four fruit flavored body paints. Using your lover's body as your canvas, apply the delicious colors with your fingers or the included paintbrush. You can use the included stencils or use your personal freehand techniques. The four included flavors are Blueberry, Banana, Cherry, and Pina Colada. Find out what is really behind M..
  • Body Art Edible Body Paints
    Your lover's body is the canvas and you are the artist! Create a mural or just a small, simple design anywhere on the body using these edible body paints. Don't like your work? Simply lick it off and start over. Paints come in four colors and delicious flavors, including seductive strawberry, very blueberry, party pineapple and erotic pina colada. ..
  • Chocolate Body Paint - 5.29 oz Tube
    Chocolate Body Paint from OMG - International. Add a little tase of chocolate to your bedroom fun. With the stroke of a brush you and you lover can paint your own canvas into reality! Sweet chocolate body paint and a brush is all you need for a little hint of passion. ..
  • Chocolate Fantasy Body Finger Paint - 4 Flavors
    Wouldn't you love to lick your lover all over? Slowly licking and teasing them into a frenzied passion. Then having them return the favor to you? Well, now your fantasy comes true with an added delight... the taste and fragrance of luscious chocolate! Just take some of this body topping on your finger and draw on your lovers body... Now slowly, delectably lick it off! Just wait and see what pleasures await you as you and your partner lick your way to ecstasy! ..
  • Chocolate Fantasy Body Finger Paints - Pack of 4 Tube
    From Pipedream comes the Chocolate Fantasy Body Finger Paints. Take some of this delicious chocolate body topping on your finger and draw on your lovers body... Then slowly, lick it off! Just wait and see what pleasures await you as you and your partner lick your way to ecstasy! ..
  • Edible Body Play Paints
    Take intimate play time to new "erotic heights" with Edible Body Paints Play Kit from Hott Products. Write your most inner desires on your partner's body, and explore intimate fun in a sexy new way. Non-staining/non-toxic water based formula. 4 assorted delicious flavors (passion fruit, cherry, pina colada, strawberry). Paint brush and stencil kit included. ..
  • Edible Finger Paints - 5 oz Containers Box of 4
    If you ever got your hands on finger paints as a kid, there's a pretty good chance you were eating them. Unfortunately, they probably weren't edible. But, finger paints are all grown up now and you can eat them to your heart's content. Even better, you can paint these yummy edible body paints on your partner and lick them off. Guaranteed to be better than your last finger painting experience! ..
  • Edible Tattoos - Includes Over 40 Tattoos
    Lickum & Stickum is the tattoo you always dreamed of having but were afraid wouldn't come off. Now you can have a tattoo and taste it too! Lickem & Stickum Tastee Tattoos are truly lickable and when applied per enclosed instructions can produce a tattoo that will last for several days. Includes over 40 tattoos of assorted shapes and sizes. ..
  • Lovers Body Pen Set - Chocolate & Strawberry
    Leave love notes to lick for later! The Lover's Body Pen Set has two 1.4 ounce body pens. Squeeze the pen and the flavored gel comes out of the tip. The pens come in chocolate and strawberry flavors. Write sexy words on your lover or draw a map to where you want to go. Place the pens in a bowl of hot water for an even hotter notation. You might end up licking more then the notes! ..
  • Play Pens Edible Body Paints
    Add color to your bedroom! The Play Pens Edible Body Paints come in four fun colors. The easy squeeze pens have brush tip applicators so you can apply the paints just where you want them. The Pens have four delicious flavors, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, and Strawberry. Art with a great taste! ..