What we look for?

What does The Romance Cafe'® look for in our professionals?




The Romance Café® has a goal to recruit diamonds!  We summons outgoing, stunning, and professional women and men for our team. We strive for excellence. TRC™ wants to see you shine bright!  We are committed to keeping the most qualified representatives for TRC™. We expect superior levels of customer service from our consultants as well as our corporate base. Your independent business not only represents TRC™ it represents YOU as well as your professionalism and integrity. We must admit we admire that the customers we serve trust you the maître’d as well as The Romance Cafe'® with some of the most significant components of their lives. Our customers trust us to give them the most elite advice concerning their private lives, sexuality and bedrooms.  This is why we demand the best of the best. This company is not for everyone, only for the individuals that see and feel our vision. Therefore we hold our independent Maître’d to a code of ethics built on compassion, integrity and self-responsibility. 

Can you walk in the light that was always destined for you? Can you be a part to of a unique team of winners? If the answer is YES, join The Romance Café® now!


To learn more about beginning a enlightening and rewarding part-time or full-time career as a Maitre’d contact us now at 1-888-645-6393!

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